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Aluminum Tie Rod Jib


Capacity: 250-2,000 lbs
Span: 4-20 feet
Rotation: 200°

Aluminum Tie Rod Work Station Jib Cranes use a patented light-weight, high strength extruded aluminum enclosed track design. This revolutionary track reduces the rotational dead weight of the boom by 56% to 68%, making the jib up to 40% easier to rotate than structural I-beam Jib Cranes. The tie rod design minimizes deflection and is more precise when positioning.


  • Individual hoist coverage in bays.
  • Applications along walls or columns of plants.
  • Supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system.


  • Tie rods for (Right hand threads – both ends).
  • Retrofit I Universal Motorized Kit – 1/4 ton to 2 ton, up to 20 feet maximum span.
  • Retrofit II Universal Motorized Kit – 3 ton to 5 ton, up to 20 feet maximum span.
  • Tagline electrification.
  • Anchor bolt templates, both paper and plywood.
  • Multi-position lock devices.
  • Single-position lock devices.

Floor Mounted Jibs

Wall Mounted Jibs

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