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Free Standing Jib


Capacity: 250-30,000 lbs
Span: 4-30 feet
Rotation: 360°

Free Standing Jib Cranes are the most versatile Jib Cranes. They are perfect for underneath large bridge cranes, in open areas where they can serve several work areas, in outdoor applications such as loading docks or in machining and assembly operations where they can be overlapped with other jib cranes to provide staged coverage.


  • Circular coverage.
  • Great for outdoor applications.
  • Applications underneath large bridge cranes.
  • Open areas where the jib crane can serve several areas.
  • Machining or assembly applications where it can be overlapped with other jibs to provide staged coverage.


  • Free Standing Manual Rotation Stops.
  • Free Standing Crane Bottom Entry Collector.
  • Free Standing Crane Top Entry Collector.
  • Retrofit I Universal Motorized Kit – 1/4 ton to 2 ton, up to 20 feet maximum span.
  • Retrofit II Universal Motorized Kit – 3 ton to 5 ton, up to 20 feet maximum span.
  • Tagline Electrification.
  • Anchor Bolt Templates, paper and/or plywood.
  • Multi-Position Lock Devices.
  • Single-Position Lock Devices.


Jib Crane foundation requirements are based on a soil pressure of 2500 lbs. per square foot. Concrete recommended for Jib Crane foundation is 3000 lbs. per square inch of compressive force. Foundation/concrete must cure 7 days prior to mast installation. Foundation/concrete must cure 28 days prior to using crane to full capacity.

Floor Mounted Jibs

Wall Mounted Jibs

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