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Free Standing Articulating Jib


Capacity: 250-2,000 lbs
Span: 4-16 feet
Rotation: 360°

Free Standing Articulating Jib Cranes are for applications that demand an Articulating Jib, but lack the walls or columns needed to mount the crane. These cranes offer rotation when positioning loads in a work cell, through open doorways, or into machines. These Jib Cranes provide a rapid return on investment through increased productivity, reduced injuries and improved safety. Increases in production result from the ease of rotation of the boom and quick precise load positioning. Injuries are reduced and safety improved since only a low force of movement is required to start and stop the boom rotation.


  • Circular coverage.
  • Moving around corners or through doorways.
  • Putting loads into machines.
  • Swinging loads around obstructions.


  • Electric or air hoists.
  • Air lifters.
  • Vacuum lifters.

Floor Mounted Jibs

Wall Mounted Jibs

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