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Relating to products manufactured by Dearborn Crane and Engineering: Dearborn warranties all structural components manufactured and installed by Dearborn Crane and Engineering for a period of ten (10) years.

Relating to components or accessories manufactured by others: Dearborn warranties machinery parts, components and accessories, either sold separately or incorporated in a system by Dearborn and manufactured by olhers, only to the extent of the original manufacturer's warranty. Original manufacturer warranties are available upon request.

Exclusions to the basic warranty include: Except for the foregoing warranty, Dearborn makes no warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose which extends beyond any description of products furnished by Dearborn.

No warranty or representation made by a distributor, sales representative or intermediate contractor shall be effective against Dearborn to vary or expand the foregoing express warranty or to otherwise obligate Dearborn to any purchaser unless specifically agreed in writing and signed by an officer of the company.

The express warranty only applies when products are in service for their intended use. Use of the products not described in the original purchase description are not covered. Examples of uses not covered include an increased duty-cycle, side-loading of structure or hoist and excessive or eccentric loading.

The express warranty only applies to the original purchaser when the equipment has been paid for in full and where it has been properly transported, installed and maintained.

At no time will Dearborn be liable for consequential, exemplary or incidental damages as a result of the operation or lack of the same.

Wear parts (such as contactors, brakes, wire rope, wheels and rail) are excluded from the warranty provision except in cases where a defect in material or workmanship caused a premature failure of the wear part.

Terms of acceptance include:
Unless otherwise stated in the contract, acceptance of the equipment is as follows: Where components or systems are shipped by and installed by Dearborn: Acceptance is considered to be upon the completion of the installation. If there is a delay in the installation or final start-up caused by the customer, the acceptance is considered to have occurred two weeks after final assemble and testing at Dearborn.

Where the components or systems are shipped and/or installed by the customer, acceptance is considered to have occurred upon final assembly and testing at Dearborn. Customers are encouraged to attend final testing at the Dearborn plant

Return and replacement of defective materials:
At its sole right and option, Dearborn may elect to repair or replace a product that it has deemed to be defective. Customers must obtain a return material authorization (RMA) from the Parts Manager prior to shipping any material. All material must be shipped pre-paid and material without a valid RMA number on the outside of the package will not be accepted.

Materials deemed not to be defective due to material or workmanship will be returned at customer expense. Repaired or replacement material will be shipped at Dearborn expense by ground freight