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Dearborn Overhead Crane Buyer's Guide

Dearborn Overhead Crane has been and continues to be a family owned business. The Dearborn family continues to grow and support the needs of our customers for new cranes from 100 pounds to 100 tons. As an ISO 9001 compliant crane builder, we assist our customers in the design , manufacture, installation and start-up phases, for overhead lifting projects across the US.

Overhead Bridge Cranes

Dearborn Overhead Crane's facility is 50,000 square feet. Featuring both crane building and service departments fully capable of building and servicing any type of crane system.
Dearborn Overhead Crane can build top running cranes, under running cranes, double girder cranes, single girder cranes ranging from:
  • Capacities - 1/4 ton through 100 tons
  • Spans - 5' through 125'
  • Duty Cycle - CMAA Class A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Lifting Heights - 10' through 200' 
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Overhead Bridge Crane Kits

If you can do basic fabrication, you could save some cash with a DIY (Do it yourself) bridge crane kit. We'll do the engineering and provide with drawings and instructions to help along your way.

Standard configurations include normal headroom, low headroom and double girder trolley designs. Wire rope hoists in short ton ratings (ASME) or metric ratings (FEM) will meet a variety of application requirements.

  • 1/2 -75 ton (500 -75,000 kg) capacities
  • Lifts starting at 13' (4m) to 320' (100m) and beyond
  • Lift speeds at 10/1.5 - 62/10 fpm (3/0.5 - 19/3 m/min)
  • Power supply - 208, 230, 460, 575/3/60 or 380/3/50
  • Single reeved or double reeved
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Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes are a good, low cost tool for portable lifting anywhere in a facility. Available in both fixed height and adjustable height styles, gantry cranes have become an economical way to meet your lifting needs.
  • Square tubing uprights, knee braces, and channel base to provide stable lifting and movement
  • Spans up to 30 feet
  • Lift capacities from 1 to 5 tons
Dearborn Overhead Crane supplies a complete range of gantry cranes including single girder, double girder, double leg, single leg and cantilever styles for indoor or outdoor service. Capacities, spans and heights are virtually unlimited.
  • Can be used where overhead runways are not practical
  • A much greater bridge weight than an equivalent overhead crane
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Jib Cranes

Enclosed Track Workstation Jib Cranes service circular areas and support tool balancers, air balancers, vacuum lifters and hoists. They are available in capacities from 100 to 2000 lbs, depending on model type.
  • WSJ360 - Free-standing, floor mounted with 360 degree rotation
  • WSJ200 - Wall or column mounted with 200 degree rotation
Articulating Jib Cranes can position loads in places that cannot be reached with traditional jibs. They can move around corners, reach into machines or doorways, and swing under obstructions.
  • AJ360-F - Free-standing, floor mounted with 360 degree rotation
  • AJ360-C - Ceiling mounted with 360 degree rotation
  • AJ200 - Wall or column mounted with 200 degree rotation
I-Beam Jib Cranes are ideal for heavier loads (1 to 5 tons). These heavy duty cranes are available in manual or motorized rotation.
  • FS300, 350 and 350S - Freestanding, floor mounted or insert style, spans to 20 feet
  • WC200 - Great alternative to wall bracket jib cranes when headroom is limited, spans to 20 feet
  • WB100 - Wall or column mounted I-Beam, spans to 30 feet
  • MT400, 450 - Floor-supported, top stabilized I-Beam capable of 360 degree rotation, spans to 20 feet
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Work Station Bridge Cranes

Enclosed Track Work Station Bridge Cranes are ideal for rectangular coverage with lift capacities between 150 and 4000 lbs. Most models are available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
Free Standing - Floor supported with no stress on building's overhead structure. Requires 6" reinforced concrete floor.
Ceiling Mounted - Building must have an adequate overhead structure to hang and support the crane.
Monorail - Systems can be easily integrated with the addition of extra track, curves, switches and interlocks.
Seismic Zone IV - Made for areas that must adhere to Seismic Zone IV building code requirements.
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