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Dearborn Overhead Crane features a wide range of Crane Accessories

Lifting Beams

Crane Lifting Beam

Lifting Beams are used in low headroom applications, and structurally are able to handle the load throughout the beam spread. Beams allow multiple point pick up of the load for balance or support purposes. Beams can be used from two hoists to increase lift capacity.

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Spreader Beams

Crane Spreader Beam

Spreader Beams have top rigging and direct most of load stress through the rigging directly to the hooks. Structurally spreader beams spread load and are not designed to equally handle load stress at all points across beam spread. The greater distance between the hoist and the load (due to top rigging) gives these beams greater stability.

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Coil Handling

Crane "C" Hook

Coil Lifters Upenders, Transfer Cars have multiple units to lift, manipulate, and reposition coils, either with the coil eye in the vertical or horizontal. Two sided lifters require less aisle space than C Hooks, but C Hooks are more economical. Motorized units for efficient handling of large volume of coils. Upending and tr ansfer cars to lift, rotate and/or transfer coils.

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Sheet Lifters

Sheet Lifter

Sheet Lifters are versatile in the handling of bundles of sheets or other loads stacked horizontally. Efficient one person operation. Efficient worm gear drive with hand wheel, chain wheel or motorized leg adjustments.

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Rotating Hooks

Rotating Crane Hook

Rotating Crane Hooks allow independent and precise positioning of a load with a full 360 degree' rotation. These units are motorized. Available with a built in load scale and read-out option.

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Vacuum Lifters

Crane Vacuum Lift

Vacuum Lifters are designed for efficient one-person operation in lifts of semi-porous and non-porous material. Unlike magnets or edge grabs, Vacuum units will not mark or scratch material surfaces or edges. Additionally, UNIVAC® Vacuum Lifters will lift thin sheets (under 1/4”) one at a time or nonferrous metals.

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Lifting Magnets

Circular Crane Lifting Magnet

Safely lift and move steel without direct attachment by slings, hooks or cables. Complete line in both permanent and electro designs with various models, sizes and strengths to handle many different lifting jobs. Used singly or in gangs.

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Crane Scales

Crane Scale - Hanging Crane Scale
  • Crane Scales and Hanging Scales that are competitively priced with accuracy and reliability to ensure the best scale that money can buy.
  • Friendly and Free Technical Support to ensure the unit is installed and operating properly.
  • Free Engineering and Product Design if required.
  • ONE YEAR, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.
  • 24 month warranty on Massload manufactured load cells.
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Magnetek - Telemotive
Transmitters Transmitters
Pre-Engineered Radio Controls Pre-Engineered Controls
Engineered Systems Engineered Systems

Magnetek offers the broadest range of remote radio control products for overhead material handling applications available in the industry. No matter what your remote radio control needs are, Magnetek can meet them with our Telemotive® brand. More than 66,000 Telemotive wireless industrial control systems are in use worldwide. Users benefit from increased productivity, enhanced safety and reduced maintenance costs.

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Cattron Group International Command Pro Receiver Cattron-Theimeg Radio Controls Cattron-Theimeg JS (Joystick) Controller

Cattron-Theimeg is the world leader in design, manufacture, installation and service of Industrial Portable Radio Remote Controls for overhead crane and general material handling applications. Click on any of the systems below for detailed information.

Most Radio Remote Control applications are built around one of our Core Products. For specialized applications, we have engineered our core systems with specific features to meet these requirements.

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Crane Word of the Week

Crane Service, Normal

Service that involves operat­ing at less than 85% of rated load and not more than 10 lift cycles/hr except for isolated instances. (ASME B30.2-1990)